February 13th, 2020

Happy Birthday

 It's not actually my birthday. It was the first thing that auto-filled the subject space since I usually log on to wish many people happy birthdays.

So I have been reading lots of blog posts by lots of people. 

I don't know what I was expecting.  I think that when I was younger and people used to document things differently, there was a voyeurism to it.  Like you were being let in on the deepest secret selves of people. And you shared yours.

Now it seems like there's nothing remotely cool in reading entries of people clearly suffering from bipolar 1 disorder or schizophrenia or PTSD or anorexia.  I don't think I ever thought these were cool.  It was more that no one talked about certain things and the other things...well we have another understanding of things now.

I miss the online RPG storymaking and the sharing and places we went.  I can do some of that on Twitter but the days of Bolt and GetGlue were some halcyon days.